Charlie Buchan’s Football Monthly Sunderland 1951-1973

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This book featuring photographs, interviews and articles from the extensive archives of Charles Buchan’s football monthly dating back to 1951, will immediately transport all Sunderland fans back to a post war era of national service, rationing and massive crowds.


In what was an era of fluctuating fortunes for Sunderland football club, one thing was certain, the team was graced by many legends of the game. From Len Shackleton, Billy Elliot, Stan Anderson, Brian Clough, through to Dave Watson. There were relegations, promotions, even a scandal involving illegal payments to the players. And of course ,who can forget the famous trip to Wembley for the F.A. Cup final in 1973, and those wonderful scenes at the end of the match. 

For anyone who follows Sunderland or has even a passing interest in football, this publication will provide a fascinating and unmissable opportunity to revisit those bygone days that helped shape the club we know today.