The Brown Bear - Berwick

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Name: The Brown Bear

Address: 27 Hide Hill, Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1EQ

This is a unique VAUX Pub Original plan and architectural drawings. 

The building itself pre-dates to 1898 but having initially closed in 2015, after years of under-investment, the building was sold at auction to a local businessman Frank Flannigan and brought back into function in 2017. 

A previous licensee and publican had the idea to turn the failing pub into a community pub. The profits would be reinvested to the inn and the surrounding site but also to the people who worked there, the suppliers and beyond.

There's also the story of how the town remained at war with Russia for over a century due to a clerical oversight in the 1856 peace treaty ending the Crimean War. As such, Berwick and Russia remained technically at war until a Soviet official visited the town in 1966 to officially declare peace. Locals of the Berwick local pub were happy they wouldn't be facing off against the mighty European bear Russia.