The Thorney Close , Sunderland, signed original VAUX plans

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Name: The Thorney Close 

Address:  9 Thorndale Rd, Thorney Close, Sunderland SR3 4JW

Plans drawn up 9th May 1986. Includes three sets of plans, and picture of the pub.  

This is a unique VAUX Pub Original plan, photo and architectural drawings, signed by Frank Nicholson and Mike Berriman. 

Despite developments since its inception the pub is under threat of closure due to current restrictions. In 2020 the current management at the club was potentially leaving raising fears from the community that the site may be sold leaving Thorney Close without a community pub and meeting place.

The local community aimed to List the club as an 'Asset of Community Value' in hopes to run it as a community pub. Currently, the pub is now open.