The Tynesider , Newcastle, signed original VAUX plans

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Name: The Tynesider 

Address:  Walker Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 3LB

This is a unique VAUX Pub Original plan and architectural drawings, signed by Frank Nicholson and Mike Berriman. Plans drawn up 24th March 1987. Pictures of the pub included. 

Also known as The Rose and Crown or Pips, The Tynesider closed in 1989 and was replaced with a block of flats. As the story goes, there were two Rose and Crown pubs within close distance of one another; walker and city road respectively. The manager of the Walker road hostelry came by one morning to find painters busily coating the outside of the building. He was confused and asked them what they were doing given that he had heard nothing from the Brewery beforehand. 

About halfway through the work they realised they were at the wrong pub...

They should have been at city not walker road but finished the job leaving the Brewery with a free fresh coat.